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4 Tips for Creating SEO-Friendly Web Design

Any business trying to build website traffic will understand the important of an SEO-friendly design. However, many companies don’t have the knowledge or industry experience to ensure all elements of their site are optimised for search engine optimisation, and many web designers are also unaware of small SEO design mistakes.

Designing a website is a difficult enough task as it is, trying to find a winning combination of usability, brand messaging and marketing tactics. Throw SEO into the mix and it can be very daunting – which is why it’s best to leave it to the experts. It’s not all about how your site looks to the visitor’s eye, but also how it looks to a search engine.

Here are some top tips for designing a website which ranks well.


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How to Save Money with Business Computer Support

When organisations consider ways to cut costs, spending on business services will likely be at the bottom of the list if it’s there at all. After all, you probably won’t see an IT support engineer from your service provider around very often, so it’s easy to forget how important they are to your business.


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How Cyber Criminals Hack Businesses

Cyber security is a hot topic right now, especially as businesses prepare for the new GDPR which could momentously increase fines for affected companies. Research has revealed that UK SMEs were increasingly targeted by cyber criminals in 2016 – up to 230,000 times each. The volume of cyber-attacks experienced by individual businesses doubled during the year, with many threats coming from outside of the UK.


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IT Support: Contract Plans VS Pay As You Go Support

All businesses require some kind of IT support and more companies are starting to rely on outsourced support than ever before. Start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs with small budgets often do not have the need or income for an in-house IT technician, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer an effective alternative. Whether you are having IT issues, need help or advice, or are looking to protect your business you have access to a team of IT experts at any time.


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Taking the Leap: How and Why to Move Office

It is very rare for a business in London to stay in the same location or office for its entire lifetime. If a company is expanding, the current space may no longer be suitable, and there are a number of other factors which contribute to a relocation. Moving office can be extremely stressful and can disrupt the normal running of the business, so the decision shouldn’t be made lightly.


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3 Ways Pink Chalk can Help you Prepare for GDPR

If you haven’t yet started preparing for the GDPR, then you haven’t got much time left. The new EU set of regulations come into action on 25th May 2018, and there are some big changes which means businesses need to act fast to stay compliant. The General Data Protection Regulation replaces the current Data Protection laws in this country. If organisations don’t take steps to ensure they are complying with the new regulation they could face a crippling financial penalty.


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Could you be Fined under GDPR?

Next year the new EU data rules come into force, and it seems like there is a lot of confusion for British companies. The General Data Protection Regulation aims to make data security a priority for all businesses small and large, which means that a supervisory authority has to oversee companies and check they are complying with all of the GDPR principles.


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How to get Affordable IT Support in London

Living in London is notoriously expensive – and running a business in the city is also costly. Of course, enterprises in London tend to charge more for their services but that’s because they have higher business costs including rent, and they also have to pay their staff more than workers in other parts of the UK. Because the cost of living in the capital is so high, there is a London living wage which is higher than the calculation for anywhere else in the UK.


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How to Keep Monthly Outgoings Down

Managing business finances and cash flow is difficult, especially for start-ups and SMEs. Everyone seems to be tightening the purse strings at the moment, but making savings doesn’t have to come at the cost of quality of customer service. There’s a variety of ways businesses can keep monthly outgoings down to increase revenue and balance monthly profits and expenditure. With a few simple changes in payment policies and switching suppliers you could notice a big difference.


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New Office, New IT Equipment

Many companies decide to relocate to a new building at this time of year, when the office is generally a bit quieter than usual. It gives businesses plenty of time to organise the space and get operations back to normal before the holiday season rush. Moving office is a great opportunity to declutter and invest in some brand new furniture and equipment if needed. After all, you have a fresh workspace to decorate so why not take advantage of the excuse to indulge in new everything?!