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3 Reasons to Move Office to Move Office Right Now

Moving office is a business ritual, a milestone that you’ll probably go through at least once with your company. An office relocation requires careful planning – after all, it could be the making or breaking of the business. It can be difficult to know when the right time for moving office comes around. You might feel a bit squashed in your current space but not financially secure enough to take on higher rents. There are various motives behind an office relocation, but it’s essential to ensure that a move is the right thing for the business. […]

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    Are you Aware of the Changes to the Law in Data Protection Regulations?

Are you Aware of the Changes to the Law in Data Protection Regulations?

It is now less than a year until the UK’s current Data Protection Act will be replaced by the new legal framework within the EU. Despite Brexit, it is important that organisations understand the changes in this law which is due to apply from 25th May 2018. The government has confirmed that the decision to leave the EU will not affect the start date of the new regulation – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). […]

How IT Support can fit into your Business Budget

Running a business and keeping the accounts in good form is a difficult task. Cash flow issues can be a huge problem for small businesses, and if you have too many monthly outgoings then you’ll constantly be in the red. Managing a business budget means making tough decisions – from cutting staff members to switching suppliers. When running an SME you can’t always afford all of the services and staff that you require.

Many small businesses are often torn between offering the best possible service and value to customers at a high cost, and lowering quality in order to keep within the budget. However all businesses require some sort of support services, from cleaning to marketing – the key is finding providers without long contracts. […]

Why London is the European Centre of Tech

London is a magnificent city with a huge population. It is known as many things, including the cultural, financial and tech capital of Europe. According to the Guardian, more than a fifth of Europe’s largest 500 companies choose to base their headquarters in London. Many businesses choose London as their home, especially those in the financial and technology sectors.

The UK and especially London is a desirable business location because of its many transport connections and proximity to other business hubs such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels. The diverse city also boasts world class arts and entertainment along with promising employment opportunities – especially for IT workers.


How Important is Reliable IT Support?

Support services are crucial to small businesses, as they rely on outsourcing to function properly. With most business transactions relying on IT in today’s digital world, perhaps the most important service is IT support. Choosing a reliable service provider can be difficult, because you won’t know if a company is unreliable […]

WannaCry Ransomware Attack – Am I Safe?

It has been a week since we saw one of the biggest Ransomware attack which hit over 150 countries globally and encrypted over 200,000 Computers. WanaCrypt0r 2.0 (also known as WannaCry, Wcry, or Wanna Decryptor) is the malicious virus which rapidly infected business systems and causing extreme amounts of downtime and started taking over users’ files last week demanding […]

How to Make Moving Office Easy

When moving your business to another location, it’s difficult to avoid stress. There is so much to coordinate from IT relocation to buying extra furniture for the new office, and without extensive planning things can quickly go wrong.

The most important thing when moving office is to make the relocation as efficient as possible. You want your business to experience minimum disruption and your staff to get settled in their new place of work as quickly as possible. With the help of an office relocation company, moving office is made easy. Here are some steps to take which ensure a smooth, hassle-free move.  […]

Why IT Support Doesn’t have to Break the Bank

Despite the fact that all businesses need some kind of IT support, many are putting the company at risk by neglecting this area of expertise. The primary reason is because a lot of business owners are misled about the costs of IT support packages, and presume they can leave it at the bottom of the priority list. Unfortunately, disregarding IT support can have […]

5 Common Computer Problems

We all experience computer problems sometimes, whether it’s at home or at work. However advanced it is, modern technology isn’t perfect and now and again it fails. Unfortunately, we have to take it as a fact of life that at some point, we’re going to experience problems with our technology, whether it’s a brand new laptop or an old school PC from the 1990s. […]

How to Plan a London Office Relocation

Making the leap to a new office can be overwhelming, especially when there’s so much to arrange. You need the move to be as efficient as possible so business operations can resume and profits won’t be hit. But you’ll need a concise plan in place to make sure that happens, and you’ll probably need reliable outside help to assist with the office relocation project.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to the other side of London or into a bigger building just down the road – any office relocation is stressful. Good project management and planning is required, and all hands on deck – make sure all staff have a specific job to help the move go as smooth as possible. Here are some top tips for planning a London office relocation. […]

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